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About Us

YuSheng Electronics

Founded in 2005, Suzhou Yusheng Electronics Co., Ltd. is a production enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales. Before the domestic insulated wire market developed, it began to engage in R & D and manufacturing of multilayer insulated wire sales. At present, the factory area of the company is 7600 square meters, with more than 100 employees. At present, there are 25 production lines (15 multi-layer insulated lines and 10 multi-layer wrapped production lines). The production and sales scale is 100 km per month, with complete supporting inspection equipment, complete specifications, green environmental protection, and UL, VDE, CQC and other certification.

Vision of Enterprise

  • Mission

    Focus on the insulation material industry and create value for customers

  • Vision

    To be one of the best suppliers in insulation material industry

  • Core Values

    Customer’s satisfaction first, keep honesty, hard working and happy living

Development History

  • Moved to Huimin Industrial Park, Xukou Town, Wuzhong District


  • Passed ISO14001:2015 environmental system certification


  • Through “on-site”consulting on electrical insulated wire industry, upgrade Enterprise’s management


  • Eight new film-coated production lines were added


  • Start importing ISO14001 and IATF16946


  • A new four-layer co-extrusion flexible production line device was added, . At present, the monthly production capacity can reached 90KKM (90 million meters). In the same year, Litz Wire insulated wire passed the German VDE EN62368, EN601 (medical grade) Class F/Class B certification.


  • Two new multilayer film-coated devices were added. In the same year, the company's products passed the medical certification.


  • Self-adhesive insulated wire passed UL Class F/Class B certification, the company added a self-adhesive coil equipment


  • The products passed CQC voluntary certification


  • The product passed UL Class F certification, and the Table III insulation system passed UL certification in the same year.


  • LitzWire insulated wire passed UL certification; TableII insulated system passed UL certification; The company passed ISO 9001 system certification issued by IQNet and CQC.


  • Take the lead in introducing the second generation touch screen which was used to control three layers of simultaneous extrusion process in the industry


  • Yusheng Electronic passed UL insulation system test and became one of the manufacturers who had an independent insulation system in  the industry.


  • Yusheng Electronic has introduced a new production line of Teflon, with a monthly production and marketing scale of 60 million meters, at the rank of forefront in China.


  • Take the lead in independent researching and developing the most advanced three-layer simultaneous extrusion process,eliminating the single-layer extrusion process


  • Acquired German VDE certification and passed EU quality and safety testing standards


  •  To serve the customers around Pearl River Delta,Shenzhen Branch was established


  • The company obtained UL safety certification, it gave us a good support to enter the North American market.


  • The company passed IS09001 quality system certification, the company's management and products' quality improved in an all-round way


  • The company's orders keeped increasing, we expanded the production and moved to the existing plant.


  • The first three-layer insulated wire was developed and manufactured. It was put on the market and received good comments. In the same year, the company moved to a new plant.


  • Starting as an agent of three-layer insulated wires of well-known foreign brands


  • The Company registered, starting from trade


Development Planning

  • Short-term goal

    Annual sales continue to increase by 20% over the same period of the previous year

  • Medium-term Goal

    Leading the overall competitiveness of the domestic market

  • Long-term goals

    To be a well-know brand over the world

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